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Removing concrete – it’s easy, right? Hit it with a hammer, put the rubble in the trash can, done! At best, that’s merely an oversimplification of concrete removal services; at worst, it’s a dangerously neglectful take on a project that can be unsafe for both people and the environment. Concrete demolition contractors trained in not only efficient and safe demo work but they also have the tools and know-how to make the work look as though it’s as easy as swinging a hammer. This article will explain how taxing and complicated this job is and help you know what to look for when searching for concrete removal services.    


First, what exactly do concrete demolition contractors do? They break down and often remove, structures, including entire buildings, made of concrete. As concrete structures age, the concrete degrades and destabilizes, making concrete demolition contractors and concrete removal services key to a successful project.

Typical demolition projects that require professional concrete removal services include:

  • Swimming pools
  • Chimneys
  • Driveways
  • Entire homes or single rooms
  • Office buildings
  • Decks and patios
  • Sheds

If you attempt one of these projects on your own instead of using concrete removal services, you would need a team of friends plus, a jackhammer, a pry bar and a mattock. One would also need a type of pickaxe, bolt cutters for concrete reinforced with steel mesh, a reciprocating saw if there is any rebar, a heavy-duty wheelbarrow, and an industrial trash container. You can’t dispose of concrete in at the end of your driveway on trash pickup day, and a plan for disposal and recycling of the rubble. Concrete demolition contractors would already have all these tools and have tried and tested methods for concrete removal services. 


Concrete demolition contractors can use one of many methods for getting the job done. For smaller projects, manual demo and removal would be sufficient. However, for more massive structures, they would need heavy machinery such as excavators, cranes, loaders for demolition and concrete removal services as well as specialized techniques. These techniques might induce collapse by strategically dismantling specific parts of a structure, or, they might use some explosive force. These more involved projects require not only tools, but the knowledge and expertise that only experienced concrete demolition contractors can carry out successfully and safely. 



Concrete degrades as it ages, and specific conditions indicate the need for concrete removal services instead of repair or concealment with decorative techniques used to hide imperfections. These conditions include:

  • Long, deep cracks, often seen where heavy trucks are frequent
  • Sunken slabs due to improper preparation or excessively wet conditions
  • Buckled concrete, usually due to extreme cold and repeated freezing
  • Excessive surface pitting

Additionally, remodeling often requires concrete removal services as the slab or foundation itself needs to remove to accommodate new plumbing or electrics. These projects can require even more specialized concrete removal services to avoid the hazardous fumes that one can create during demolition within an enclosed living area. 

Precision is also high among the qualifications for concrete removal services when only part of the structure must demolish. Special skills are needed to cut around those areas without damaging the structure which will remain. 

Once the project evaluation and the project scope determined, concrete demolition contractors will then decide which demolition method is best suited for the project, and one should prepare to deal with surprises that arise as concrete removal services provide. Surprises are rampant in concrete work and might include approved or unapproved changes to the original design that occurred during construction, hidden materials within the structure, and unknown weaknesses of materials used during construction.



When searching for concrete demolition contractors, look for concrete removal services that have proven experience in demolishing. They will be able to build on the experience of their prior projects to complete yours quickly and with finesse. A wide range of experience ensures the concrete demolition contractors will be able to deal with any circumstances that come up during a project. 


Beware of any concrete demolition contractors who cannot provide verifiable references or are evasive about putting all the details in writing. And, be especially cautious of concrete removal services that require more than 50% payment upfront. These are red flags that one should not ignore. 


Ask friends and neighbors for suggestions of a concrete removal services firm. If no one can help you with any concrete removal services, take a trip to your local hardware store for recommendations of reputable contractors. 


Additionally, the concrete removal services that you use should be appropriately licensed. Check with your local municipality for requirements and ask potential contractors for a copy of their license. 


Finally, look for concrete removal services that understand the local permit procedures. This process can be a maze of paperwork, and its importance cannot overstate. Before any concrete removal services begin, you must determine which permits are necessary for work to start. Most local and state governments require permits for any project to ensure they can monitor the process for public safety concerns and environmental regulations, including disposal of hazardous materials such as asbestos. 



Usually, governments allow owners to apply for the necessary permits if they occupy the residence. For more massive structures, however, the government might require the permit application to be completed by a professional concrete removal services firm or concrete demolition contractors. 


While the demolition permit itself is usually inexpensive, there are often related fees for additional services such as water, sewer and electric services that will become affected by the projects. Local and state governments usually require an inspection before demolition can begin to verify that all utilities should adequately disconnect. A broken pipe or severed electric line can be dangerous, expensive, and time-consuming to repair. Experienced concrete removal services will be able to identify and avoid potential problems like these. Further inspection after the concrete removal services are complete might be required as well. 


Finally, ensure that the concrete demolition contractors that you select can develop a disposal plan with you before starting the project. It might be an onsite dumpster or disposal at a concrete recycling facility. Discuss the options with the concrete demolition contractors and be sure to understand the costs that will come with each option. 



The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that concrete and demolition debris make up over 50% of the contents of landfills. The cost alone of hauling these materials warrants a different solution, not to mention the impact on the environment. The concrete demolition contractors that you choose should ideally provide concrete removal services after the structures are torn down.

For larger projects, look for concrete removal services that can provide on-site processing and clean fill material. It saves time and money that might spend on concrete removal services, such as hauling waste and purchasing fill later in the project. 

To recycle concrete, some concrete demolition contractors can put rubble through a crushing machine onsite, filtering out any contaminants such as trash or wood. The smaller pieces one can use as gravel in the construction process. The larger pieces of rubble one can use to prevent streambed erosion, or, with careful control of quality, concrete demolition contractors can use these recycled pieces of concrete for landscaping stonework or mulch in flower beds.

Recycling as an integrated part of concrete removal services saves landfill space and reduces the cost of concrete demolition contractors and new construction. If the project is too small to justify onsite recycling, concrete removal services can haul the rubble to a recycling facility to avoid paying fees for disposal at the dump, which are often per ton and very expensive. 



Concrete demolition contractors are a fundamental part of a construction project. They safely remove timeworn concrete structures to make way for more modern facilities. At the same time, concrete removal services make way for the new structure by removing the debris or reusing the rubble to save on project costs significantly. When your next project rears its head, save yourself – and your friends – an aching back and hire concrete demolition contractors to do the work for you. Your friends and your pocketbook will thank you for it.